Your Miami Patio

Here in the Sunshine State, our patios are like another room of the house. Are you making the most of your home’s outdoor spaces? If you’re covering the floors with low quality patio furniture, you’re furnishing your patio with frustration. At Tropic Patio, we’re on a mission to decorate each patio in Miami with high quality patio furniture that’ll keep the outdoor spaces functional for years to come. Our patio furniture in Miami combines the main qualities every customer needs, value, style and durability. If you’re ready to reclaim your patio, you can count on our patio furniture in Miami.

Zic Zac Spring 3 Pc Set RedThe most important quality of any patio furniture is its style. You can have the strngest outdoor furniture in Miami, but if the designs aren’t stylish you may not be happy to see the furniture for years to come. Our patio furniture brings unique style to any home. We have a wide variety of pieces, from loungers to tables and chairs. Each piece of furniture has been designed to fit any patio or outdoor space. For example, our Genova Table and Four Regina Chairs can fit into a small modern space, bringing a pop of color to the patio. Our original Omega Sunlounger is perfect for pool decks or backyards for enjoying the Florida sun. The Sunlounger brings a stylish weave that creates wicker-like appearance, without the fragility. If you’re looking for simple seating around a fire pit, our Delta Armchair is up to the challenge. We offer dozens of other chairs, tables and loungers with seemingly endless combinations of their uses. When you shop with our furniture experts at Tropic Patio, you’ll be sure to find the patio furniture that’s right for you.

All of the patio furniture we sell at Tropic Patio has been designed to last. In fact, our furniture is environmentally friendly, created from all natural, 100 percent recyclable materials. Our patio furniture bears the exclusive Nardi label. Each piece of Nardi furniture is made in Italy with the best materials and the most detailed craftsmanship. After that, our Nardi pieces are packed and shipped directly to our Miami showroom. Regina Apple Green LifestyleNardi furniture is created to last, built with durability in mind. These furniture pieces are created from a special blend of natural materials that create a material that’s even stronger than plastic. Our Nardi patio furniture in Miami will not rust, warp or chip over time. Instead, it will stay vibrant and comfortable for years to come. This makes our furniture an incredible value, one small price keeps quality furniture in your outdoor spaces for years.

Whether you’re looking to furnish a small patio, large backyard or spacious pool deck, our furniture at Tropic Patio can keep your spaces comfortable and stylish. Because our furniture lasts for years, it combines strength and incredible value. When you do eventually replace your Nardi outdoor furniture, you can simply recycle your old furniture! Your patio is like an extra room of your home. Don’t let that space go to waste, reclaim the outdoors with our patio furniture in Miami!